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Family picnic in nature. What to cook

Summer is conducive to outdoor recreation. A sunny mood is in the air, and I want to go to the country, to the forest, or at least to the nearest park. Let’s figure out how to arrange a useful family picnic in nature. What to cook, and what is better to refuse, told us Alla Shilina, a dietitian, an expert at Herbalife.

Picnic in the nature. What to cook
In the generally accepted understanding of country holidays – this is primarily barbecue, burgers, sausages, soda and alcohol. However, it is difficult to call such an option healthy, and you should not get carried away with such products in summer at all.

Firstly, they are extremely high in calories. In the summer, in the heat, our body spends a minimum of energy to maintain body temperature, which means that the calorie intake should be less than in the cold season.

Secondly, such products quickly deteriorate. For example, you can’t eat meat or fish that have been lying outdoors in the summer for more than 4 hours — you risk getting poisoning. In addition, you should not season salads with mayonnaise or sour cream, prepare snacks with eggs, pate, soft cheese, as well as take yogurts and other dairy products for a picnic outdoors.

“Thirdly, when thinking about what to cook for a picnic in nature, do not forget the main rule of a balanced diet: the optimal ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates is 30% -30% -40%, respectively,” says Alla Shilina, a nutritionist, expert of Herbalife. And the menu for the picnic should be selected accordingly, so that unpleasant sensations do not overshadow the impression of relaxation.

Diet kebab

If you still want to cook meat, we recommend taking the least high-calorie varieties – chicken, turkey, veal, and not pork or lamb. Also, avoid fatty pickles, in particular mayonnaise. Light and tender skewers can be prepared with kefir, ayran, whey or lemon juice.

And the most healthy option would be, of course, a kebab of fish. Firstly, it is well absorbed and rich in useful elements, and secondly, it is quickly prepared. Trout, salmon, cod, sturgeon, tuna, pink salmon, and carp are well suited for barbecue. We recommend wrapping the fish with foil before frying so that it is more juicy and does not burn.

Grilled vegetables

Vegetables are well combined with fish or meat kebabs. Do not make a salad out of them, in which case the vegetables will quickly lose juice and go limp in the air. It is better to chop them coarsely. Potatoes can be prepared according to a recipe familiar from childhood – in coals, previously wrapped in foil.

But do not eat potatoes with meat kebabs. Digestion of starch and protein requires a different composition of gastric juice, and the simultaneous use of meat and potatoes will slow down digestion and cause heaviness in the stomach.

Fruits and desserts

When planning what to cook for a picnic in nature, do not forget about fruits and fresh berries. They must be washed thoroughly at home and packaged in containers. Just like potatoes, apples can be baked in foil – it will turn out juicy and appetizing. On the grill or grill, you can fry bananas and pears: so they get a piquant taste.

So that the fruits are properly absorbed and do not cause heaviness in the stomach and intestines, they should be eaten half an hour before a meal, and not for dessert, as many are used to.

And for dessert, dried fruits, nuts, biscuits, light cookies and muffins without perishable creams and cream are perfect.

A good option for a picnic would be “multifunctional” products, such as protein bars. They are both nutritious, easy to digest and do not require cooking. “Do not forget to drink the bar with water: only in this way the fiber contained in them will begin to work. In addition, after consuming high protein foods, the body always needs more fluid, ”explains Alla Shilina.


Take water for a picnic no less than a liter for each. In addition to water, fruit drinks and homemade soft drinks are suitable for picnics, which perfectly quench thirst. Very tasty lemonade is obtained, for example, from lemon and ginger. It is prepared in a few minutes: dissolve in a glass of hot water 50 g of sugar 50 g of grated ginger, bring the mixture to a boil. Remove from heat and wait 10 minutes for the syrup to brew, then mix with the juice of four lemons and two liters of water. A delicious summer drink is ready!

We wish you a wonderful picnic in nature! What to cook, you already know. It remains to find a good place and go to rest.

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