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Guest Guide: Tel Aviv

10 places not to be missed in Tel Aviv:
port of jaffa

According to ancient Greek myth, Perseus liberated Andromeda here, and in the Old Testament, Noah built the ark in this port. Myths and legends left narrow stone streets, low houses, as if stuck to each other and the eternal, all-memorable sea. Today, Jaffa is a large open-air museum, which includes galleries and churches, beautiful cafes and shops, museums and monuments. It is here that the Wish Bridge is decorated with zodiac signs (did you know that the signs correspond to the months of the Gregorian and Jewish calendar?) And the labyrinth inhabited by Taurus, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Deva and others. To make your wish come true, throw a coin in the fountain in Kdumim Square, finding your sign. Very close on Mazal Arie Street there is an unusual sculpture – a soaring orange tree, the same symbol of the city as an apple in New York.
Jaffa Art Museum Tel Aviv (TAMA)

The main point on the city map for art lovers. There are Monet and Renoir, Matisse and Modigliani, Picasso and Pollock. It is the largest art museum in Israel and the flagship of contemporary art. TAMA was created by decree of Meir Dizengoff, in his opening speech, he noted that the population of the new city needs not only houses, but also a vaccination of aesthetics and harmony. In fact, this is not even one museum, but a complex of buildings, including the Elena Rubinstein pavilion of modern art, the Sculpture Garden, the School of Arts and the “Temple of Modernism”.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art (TAMA)
Habima Square

The square is located opposite the theater of the same name and looks like an oasis: powerful trees, a blooming flowerbed of the “Sunken Garden”, a flat mirror fountain, a monument to the 100th anniversary of the city – an iron structure symbolizing 100 km of bicycle paths equipped for the anniversary. Habim Theater is the oldest repertoire theater in Israel, based in Moscow. Stanislavsky stood at the origins, supporting the initiative of actor Naum David Zemah to create a theater with a Jewish repertoire. For rehearsals of the troupe, a studio was allocated at the Moscow Art Theater, and Evgeny Vakhtangov became the artistic director. After a long tour of Europe and America, the troupe decided not to return to Moscow, but moved to Palestine. However, this is a completely different story. If you don’t speak Hebrew yet,

Habima Square

Tel Aviv is often called the White City because of the areas with the largest concentration of Bauhaus houses in the world, starting from 1920-1950 (they are all protected by UNESCO). You can simply take a walk along the Rothschild boulevard, Bialik and Dizegof streets or theoretically completely immerse yourself in the Bauhaus Center (Dizengoff, 77).

Benedict Breakfast Restaurant

The national sport in which Israelis are champions is the art of eating deliciously. Therefore, you need to learn the rules of the game and honestly enter into an unequal battle in the name of taste with calories. Benedict Breakfast Restaurant (Ben Yehuda, 171) is a famous breakfast spot outside the city. Here breakfast is served from morning until late in the evening, the menu includes traditional shakshuka and eggs of Benedict with salmon, shrimp or bacon, cowboy, Mexican and English breakfasts, which will definitely include tomato sauce and sausages. And Steak & Eggs includes 200-gram steak, potatoes and fried eggs. A breakfast basket with bread, butter, chocolate paste and jam is served for each breakfast. Also included is a drink such as tea, coffee, orange juice or soda.

Benedict, Benedict Eggs, Benedict Breakfast Restaurant
Zoological center “Safari” in Ramat Gan (SderatHatsvi 1, Ramatgan)

100 hectares of almost wildlife, the habitat of the African savannah is completely recreated here. This is not only a zoo with aviaries, but also a nature reserve where animals move freely, live, communicate. Everything is as in life. The safari has 1,600 animals from around the world, including 130 birds and 25 reptiles.

Safari Zoo

The most famous market of the city is called Carmel or Shuk Carmel and is located on the street of the same name. This is a typical large and noisy oriental bazaar with everything from souvenirs and oriental sweets to cheeses, fish, meat and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Prices are lower than in stores. Be careful, the market is closed on Saturdays.


In Tel Aviv, they like to drink no less than they eat, so it is impossible to single out one bar. Denote the most atmospheric.

Bellboy (Berdichevsky, 14) – in a good way, an old-fashioned, in the right sense, stylish bar with leather sofas, paintings hidden in the bowels of the Berdichevsky hotel with velvet curtains. The sophistication of the interior is also mentioned in drinks in which bartenders in black gloves simply do not serve them – in sinks, in bathtubs, and to offer the guest a chance, the bartender uses a whole vintage cart! On Fridays and Saturdays, a perfect brunch is served from 11:00 to 16:00.


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