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the restaurant

Zurich, without attracting attention from a gastronomic point of view, will give odds to many European cities. The main message that restaurateurs and chefs broadcast is the use of local products. And this is not a myth! A blue-eyed potato of violet color and a curved shape carrot is not a flaw, but biological products that European farmers and restaurateurs are proud of.
If you have the time and money, then for the New Year’s trip, add Zurich to your itinerary. And we will tell you the addresses where the locals go. You definitely will not be disappointed!

Note. Keep in mind that restaurants in Zurich work specifically. There is a break in the schedule between daytime and evening service.
A stylish restaurant that specializes in French and Mediterranean dishes and seasonal game. Dishes are like a work of art: delicate textures, harmonious taste and thoughtful combination of colors. Checked out, easy and not boring.

Chef Matthew Bacon has developed a small menu that updates every 2-3 weeks, for the past eight years at the restaurant. For dishes, Matthew uses only the best quality products. The wine list focuses on elegant wines from Italy and Switzerland.

Zurich, Weisses Roessli Restaurant
Having booked a table for evening service, you will be asked to select the number of changes – from 2 to 5. Next, select the dishes that will be included in your set. Prices range from 65 to 107 francs, and bread, water, coffee or tea are already on your check. The co-owner of the restaurant Federico cares about the atmosphere in the restaurant, the speed of service and the comfort of the guests, so he can often be seen in the hall.

Example of a dinner menu (77 CHF):

Snack – Trevisano (JerseyBlue Blue Cheese, Orange, Pine Nuts)
Main course – Lammhueftli (thigh of lamb, gnocchi, cranberry, black garlic)
Dessert –WilliamsBirne (Williams pear, almonds, pumpkin seeds, caramel with fleurdesel crystals)
Signature dish from the chef:

Mathieu’s Baggli Kalbsbaggli, Blumenkohl, Kumquat, Kakao
(Matthew’s veal cheeks, cauliflower, kumquat, cocoa), 46 CHF

Zurich, Weisses Roessli Restaurant
Restaurant Haus Hiltl
Address: Sihlstrasse 28
Average bill: 40 CHF
Working hours:
Mon-Thu: from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Fri: from 6.00 to 4.00
Sat: from 6 a.m. to 5 a.m.
Sun and holidays: from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The legendary vegetarian restaurant HausHiltl was founded in 1898, and is currently run by the fourth generation of the Hilt family. The central location is near the Zurich train station. HausHiltl combines two concepts: a buffet with a huge selection of salads, cold and hot appetizers, desserts, as well as an alacarte menu based on Indian and Asian dishes, a large selection of freshly squeezed juices and homemade soft drinks.

Restaurant Haus Hiltl, Zurich, Switzerland
The calculation of dishes in the buffet is made in grams at a separate cash desk. Opposite each dish is a plate with calories, gluten, protein, and fat, which is convenient for guests who are following the figure.

Quotes from the menu:

RotesThaiCurry (Red Curry), 30.50 CHF
Palak Paneer, 28.50 CHF
Hiltl Tartar (eggplant, bio egg, capers, whole grain toast, farm or sweet potatoes), 32.50 CHF
Schoggikuchen (chocolate cake), 8.50 CHF
Quarkkuchen (curd cake), 8.50 CHF
Restaurant Haus Hiltl, Zurich, Switzerland
Kraftwerk Space
Address: Selnaustrasse 25, near the Sihl River
Average bill: from 30 CHF – in the afternoon to 50 CHF – in the evening
Working hours:
Mon-Wed: from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Thu, Fri: 8:00 to 0:00
From December 20 to January 6, Kraftwerk is on vacation.

Previously a radio station, and now a place for workshops with meeting rooms and space for various events. Everything about food is located on the ground floor. In the morning and during lunch, this is a cafe; in the evening, the space changes to a restaurant with the alacarte menu.

The menu takes into account the interests of vegetarians, and the main feature of Kraftwerk is the principle of “coworking.” Here they order immediately from 3 to 7 and share with their neighbors on the table. The dishes use local seasonal products of the cuisines of different countries.

Quotes from the menu (lunch):

Salad, 15 CHF
Soup, 15 CHF
Offer of the day, 16.5 CHF
Cake of the day, 5 CHF
Kraftwerk Chocolate Cake (Gluten Free), 5.5 CHF
Quotes from the menu (dinner a la carte)

3 plates, 29 CHF
5 plates, 48 ​​CHF
7 plates, 65 CHF
Kraftwerk space, Zurich, Switzerland
Restaurant Barranco
Address: Sihlfeldstrasse 141, (Bullingerplatz)
Average bill: 45 CHF

The Peruvian Barranco restaurant was created as a recollection of the creative district of Barranco in Lima. Bright graffiti, funny artists, a variety of fruits and vegetables, market flavors and a lot of pisco (a kind of grape vodka) inspired four friends for their own project. Owners offer rare authentic products: turkish delight, purple corn, amarillo peppers, huacatay mint. The menu is based on traditional dishes, as well as bold combinations of Swiss and Peruvian cuisine.

Quotes from the menu

VonderKuste / From the coast
CeviceNkkei, 19 CHF
Ceviche Nikkei. Raw tuna, ahi amarillo pepper, wasabi, avacado, Japanese interpretation of “tiger milk”

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