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Not a female affair?

The most famous chefs are men. It is difficult to argue with this fact. They conquer world cuisines since ancient times, when in ancient Rome and Greece they prepared dishes for emperors and organized lush banquets. For many centuries, it was men who headed the royal cuisines in all European countries and were in no hurry to share their territory (who would have thought) with a woman. Only in the middle of the twentieth century the list of distinguished cooks was replenished with the names of the beautiful half of humanity.

What about today? And today, women – residents of England, Italy, France – head the kitchens of legendary restaurants, publish cookbooks, become heroines of gastronomic television projects and open pizzerias, cafes, bars, and bakeries. Let’s get to know some of them and find out which path they have traveled and what they have achieved.

Julia Child

American, glorifying French cuisine. The author of many famous cookbooks. Educated in California. Successfully graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in history. After moving to New York, she worked at an advertising agency for a long time.

Julia’s culinary history began at the end of World War II. A decisive role in determining the cause of her life was played by a trip in which her husband ordered sole meuniere, a halibut dish, for Julia. The skill of the restaurant chef shocked Julia and she decided that she would devote herself to studying the secrets of French and other cuisines. After graduating from a culinary school in Paris, Julia, with a group of like-minded people, founded the L’Ecole des Trois Gourmandes courses for residents of the United States, where she spoke not only about the secrets of preparing various dishes, but also about the benefits of new (at the time) equipment. Ladies were shown how to use ovens, puff pastry machines and other professional equipment.

She summarized her experience in the book “Mastering the Art of French Cuisine”, which is still popular among restaurateurs of all countries. The actress Meryl Streep immortalized the name of Julia Child. For her role in the movie “Julie and Julia: Cooking Prescription Happiness,” Meryl received a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination.

Ann Sophie Peak

It is considered the richest woman by the chef. Her grandfather, who owned a roadside Moison Pic inn in the vicinity of Marseille, conveyed her love of cooking. He was visited by the rich inhabitants of Paris, heading to Nice, and dishes were prepared corresponding to the status of guests.

While still very young, Anne-Sophie always helped in the kitchen of the inn and at home – she checked the freshness of the fish and truffles brought in, worked on harvesting, which made her parents think about the future cook profession of her daughter. However, from the beginning, Ann-Sophie did not have such a goal. And while grandfather and his father earned Michelin stars for Moison Pic, she studied management in the capitals of France and Japan. And only after returning home a few years later I realized that cooking is her only real passion.

Father taught and instructed Anne-Sophie, assisted in equipping the restaurant, and discovered the secrets of national French dishes. However, after his death for the future “lady-chef” came a black streak. She was condemned, they did not believe in her, she was predicted to fail and ruin. Not a single year was needed to learn how to ignore other people’s opinions and gain a reputation as a winner.

Anne-Sophie Peak began to enthusiastically manage the family establishment, and to start completely changed the menu. The recognition by the male chefs came to her with the first Michelin star. Now she is the owner of three treasured stars and is included in the list of twenty richest cooks in France.

Annie feold

Her path to the profession began after her marriage with the Italian Giorgio Pinociorri. Having worked for a long time in a state organization, she could not even think that someday she would be in charge of the kitchen. But life brings surprises. Annie was not only able to glorify her husband’s winery, she managed to reconcile France and Italy in the same kitchen. Tasters, who came for wine, she served light snacks of its own production. Annie had to start working with special kitchen equipment from scratch – universal electric stoves, grills, refrigerating cabinets, baking ovens. Over time, Feold became a professional, significantly expanded the assortment of dishes from the wine collection.

As a result, Annie was invited to participate in a culinary television project about the Cannes kitchen, where she happened to gain experience in cooking a variety of dishes. Subsequently, she easily combined French and Italian traditions in one plate. This mix became the basis of her own menu. For her talent and innovation, Annie Feold received recognition from the Michelin guide.

Nadia Santi

Carrier of Italian traditions, Nadia Santi today has three Michelin stars and is considered to be the best woman chef in the world. She was taught to cook by her mother and grandmother, but Nadia’s culinary talent did not appear immediately.

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