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Top 7 favorite children’s dishes

Chicken cutlet with mashed potatoes
Undoubtedly, in the first place is a chicken cutlet with mashed potatoes. This dish at the same time combines the beneficial properties and taste of classic Russian cuisine. Mashed potato is one of the best side dishes for children, it has a texture suitable for babies and is well digested. To diversify the diet, mashed potatoes can add boiled pumpkin or celery, such an addition will significantly improve the taste and increase the level of usefulness of the dish. However, as everyone knows, the vitamins of children are of little interest, therefore, to please the little gourmets, you can add grated cheese to the puree.

Use the secret of famous chefs: beat mashed potatoes with a mixer or blender, so it turns out really airy! Cutlets or meatballs can be cooked in many different ways, but steaming is the most suitable for children.

Pasta with cheese
In second place for the popularity of children’s dishes are pasta with cheese. Even the most capricious children, as a rule, do not refuse pasta – this is a universal solution for parents of picky kids. To make the child not only tasty, but also interesting, buy curly and colored pasta. You should not be afraid of bright colors: pink, green and even black products are obtained by adding natural ingredients, such as spinach or beets, to the flour. Multi-colored bows, shells, letters, stars and hearts will not leave a single child indifferent. Add grated cheese, tomato or cream sauce to the dish to balance the taste.

The third place is rightfully occupied by the most popular dish of American cuisine – a burger. Children’s mini-burgers are increasingly found on the menu, they have a simple recipe that includes a bun, cutlet and various vegetables. Today, burgers have appeared in restaurants that meet all the principles of proper nutrition, so you can not worry about the health of the child.

You can cook such a dish yourself. Use wholemeal buns, quality meat for cutlets and add more wholesome vegetables. Offer to the dish a vegetable straw with sauce instead of french fries, so that lunch or dinner will become really useful.

In fourth place is an Italian dish that has won the love of children and adults around the world – pizza. As practice shows, most often for children choose “Margarita”. She has a simple recipe that includes mozzarella cheese and grated fresh tomatoes. There is nothing wrong with this dish for children, the main thing is to use it in moderation. Sweet pizza reminiscent of a baked fruit pie has recently become quite popular. It is difficult to say whether dessert is this or after all the main course, but children definitely like this interpretation of classic pizza.

French fries and nuggets
French fries – a real classic of modern cuisine, which came from Belgium. Despite its simplicity, it remains one of the most popular side dishes in the world. Children love to eat french fries both as an independent dish, and as a side dish. Chicken nuggets are also firmly in the diet of modern children – a simple but tasty treat can be a great snack in tandem with cheese sauce or ketchup. Among parents, such food is considered harmful, because the method of its preparation involves frying in a large amount of oil. If you cook these dishes at home, then bake the ingredients in the oven to avoid unnecessary carcinogens.

Vegetables and fruits
The true dream of all parents is children who love vegetables. Unfortunately, there are very few such gourmets, so parents have to invent different ways of cooking vegetable dishes that kids will like. The most popular way to feed vegetables to a child is pureeing. As a side dish, you can use mashed green peas with celery or pumpkin.

Instead of dessert, offer your child a fruit and berry smoothie, and for lunch – cream soup. Cream soups are a great way to combine tasty and healthy in one dish. You can cook it from mushrooms, pumpkins, zucchini or broccoli, use your imagination to diversify the diet. Add compatible ingredients to the soup to make the taste and texture brighter, such as cheese or croutons. Your child himself will not notice how vegetable and fruit dishes will become his favorites.

It’s no secret that all children love sweets and desserts. If there was their will, all breakfasts, lunches and dinners would consist solely of cakes, ice cream and sweets. Naturally, such a menu does not suit caring parents, so sweets are either an addition to the main course or a treat for special occasions. A good example of a tasty and healthy combination of products are cottage cheese pancakes and casseroles. Their basis is cottage cheese – a source of calcium and phosphorus, and to make the child enjoy the dish, add caramel sauce, condensed milk or jam.

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