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Sweet journey: 5 desserts that you did not know about

Today’s sweet tooth is hard to surprise: all kinds of shops and coffee houses offer hundreds of desserts from different countries. Here you have Austrian strudel, and Japanese sweet rolls with fruits, and French millefeuille … But if you say that nothing surprising and unknown in the universe of confectionery art is left for you, we will answer – yes!
Spaghetti with chocolate
It is perhaps difficult to describe the power of Italians’ love for pasta: it is eaten even for dessert. There is even a separate type of spaghetti, which includes cocoa. And, on the contrary, pasta is a part of many desserts – it is supplemented with honey, pistachios, fruits and butter cream, sprinkled with orange zest and almond petals, coconut flakes and cinnamon. Prepare ravioli with ricotta, chocolate and any other sweet fillings. To prepare some desserts, paste is mixed with chocolate sauce and nuts, and marshmallows and pieces of pumpkin are used to decorate.

In the city of Catania, on the east coast of the island of Sicily, locals cook farfalle (pasta in the form of butterflies) with pistachios and butter cream. Such desserts are popular not only in home cooking. Many Italian restaurants offer chocolate ravioli with mascarpone cream, raspberries and almonds.

Sweet pasta is also prepared during the holidays. So, in October, when the Eurochocolate Chocolate Festival takes place in the Italian city of Perugia, local restaurants offer visitors chocolate spaghetti, pizza and even cheeses.
spaghetti with chocolate
Sultan’s Golden Cake
Residents of the East are famous for their love of exceptional luxury and rich design. For example, Turks love gold not only in jewelry and decoration, but also … in decorating desserts! Some establishments turn sweet dishes into real masterpieces. The five-star Istanbul Chiragan Palace Hotel invites its visitors to taste the exclusive Sultan’s Golden Cake, which takes 72 hours to prepare. The recipe includes apricots soaked in Jamaican rum, figs, pears and quinces, vanilla from the islands of French Polynesia and French wheat, as well as truffles and caramel. The dessert is coated with a layer of edible 24 carat gold. The cake is served in a handmade silver box, which can be taken home as a souvenir.

And if you can try to cook an Italian dessert at home, then you can hardly find the ingredients for the Turkish Golden Cake. However, do not be upset. The main thing in tasting gourmet dishes is the atmosphere. The special atmosphere of Venetian or Istanbul coffee houses is easy to create at home. For example, you can make coffee traditional for Italy or Turkey.

Moreover, there are more and more interesting coffee collections. In particular, Nespresso launched exclusive Coffeehouses blends, with the help of which it tried to recreate the atmosphere of the very first Italian and Turkish coffee houses. In total, the collection includes two hoods. At Caffè Venezia, Ethiopian and Indian arabica reveals bright fruity, musky and floral notes. And in the Café İstanbul blend, Arabica from Yemen and Indonesia is combined with Indian Robusta, complementing the coffee aroma with tart notes of black pepper. Such coffee will be good with any, even the sweetest dessert.

oriental coffee
Umm ali
Sweets are the special pride of the United Arab Emirates. Deliciously spicy, sugaryly sweet and unusually airy – Arabian desserts will conquer the most capricious gourmet. This country has everything: Turkish delight, cream donuts, halva of different types – not the halva we are used to. Real oriental desserts are generally not very similar to those adapted for European taste. One of the most unusual is the Umm Ali cake. It is a delicate sponge cake soaked in fruit syrup and covered with grated almonds, coconut flakes and hazelnuts. It is curious that for residents of different countries this dish is close in its own way. It reminds the Germans of strudel without apples, the English – bread pudding, and the Swiss – fondue. Umm ali is also popular in many eastern countries, for example, in Egypt, Lebanon and Palestine.

umm ali oriental dessert
Do you know that in Zvenigorod there is a Museum of Russian dessert? It would seem that there is nothing special in Russian desserts, but there are chandeliers made of sweets, an exhibition of printed gingerbreads, and cherries made from cherry flour …

There were no confectionery factories in Russia, so each chef prepared sweets according to his unique recipes for a dinner party or dinner. They were kept in the strictest confidence, but with the advent of cheap sugar they were lost in time. The Kaluga dough recipe was also lost. Only some time ago it became known that it was prepared from dried black crackers with the addition of honey and sugar caramel. Confectioners also liked to add orange zest or cocoa to Kaluga dough.

Museum of Russian dessert
Many Germans just love sweets. Especially the cakes. For holidays in houses and restaurants an unusual cake is prepared with the funny name “Baumkuchen”, which means “cake-tree”.

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