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Children allowed: family cafes and restaurants of Riga and Jurmala

Sputnik guide to restaurants in Riga and Jurmala, in which it will be fun and tasty not only for adults, but also for children – both very young and those older

RIGA, Nov 12 – Sputnik, Dinara Nikiforova. Every woman, having become a mother and having first taken to the streets of her hometown with a pram, suddenly finds herself annoyed that she is no longer welcome here. In supermarkets, the stroller does not fit in the aisle, pedestrian crossings are not equipped with traffic lights, and the ramps of the underground passages are not designed for wheelchairs at all.

What can we say about friendly gatherings in a cafe – they even become a virtually unattainable dream. Where to feed a baby so that a wave of popular anger does not strike you? How to change his diaper? How to manage to have a cup of coffee in the company of a girlfriend?

The child grows, but the situation does not change. In public places, active and high-profile children are often not at all happy. Society naively believes that children with their parents should be either at home or quiet. However, neither one nor the other is always possible.

Sputnik walked to various establishments in Riga and Jurmala and found out where mothers can safely drink coffee and cake.

For the smallest
Betty’s Corner, Riga, Kr. Valdemara, 21

Large family restaurant on the corner of Kr. Valdemara and Elizabeth with pastries from the famous Jurmala confectionery Madame Brioche and a wide selection of dishes for every taste. Families with children of different ages are waiting here.

The spacious room allows you to easily call in with a stroller, there are highchairs and low tables. The children’s room is thought out to the smallest detail, starting from the hallway, where you can undress the child and remove street shoes, and ending with a soft floor covering, which is not afraid to let the baby out. By the way, Betty’s Corner is one of the few places where there is a children’s toilet with a changing table and a set of diapers in different sizes.

The children’s menu contains everything that any child is very likely to eat: chicken cutlets, pasta with cheese, sweet pancakes with syrup, potato wedges and so on. If your baby has its own food, then you will be happy to warm it.

On Saturdays and Sundays from 11 to 17 Betty’s Corner is waiting for everyone at the brunch. Prices for children’s brunch depend on the height of the child, you can measure it right at the entrance. During brunches, the entertainer entertains the children.

Betty’s corner
Mamcafe, Kr. Barona, 136c

Mamcafe has been working for the third year at the Parent Support Center where the streets of Kr. Baron and Brivibas. It is especially convenient for mothers to meet with kids, because in the cafe there are two playrooms separated by glass partitions through which you can watch the baby. There is also a place for swaddling and there is a necessary set of diapers for all occasions.

On the menu, both adults and children can find a dish to their taste. If necessary, the kids will warm their food. There is a special place for “parking” baby strollers. Also, the cafe constantly hosts various family and children’s events, the schedule of which can be monitored on the cafe’s Facebook page.

Please note: on weekends, cafes are often used for private events.

Hercogs in Marupe, Vitinu street 4

The family-run Hercogs restaurant is located in the suburbs of the capital, not far from the Jurmala highway and the Spice shopping center. It is popular not only among the inhabitants of Marupe, but also among residents of Riga, and not only because of the comfortable children’s playroom with a slide and balls, but also because of the attentive and friendly attitude towards visitors. We recommend booking a table in advance.

The restaurant has several halls that can be used together or separately for large family events, there is a children’s room, comfortable toilet rooms with a changing table for babies. In the children’s menu – children’s favorite nuggets, french fries and pasta with cheese, there is an opportunity to warm up the food brought with them for the kids. On Sundays, the restaurant invites you to brunch.

Lighthouse, Jurmala, Majori, Jomas street 63

Lighthouse Bar & Grill is a very convenient family place in the very center of Jurmala. It is easy to drop into the restaurant with a stroller of any size, inside there is a children’s corner with toys and a children’s slide on the street, as well as everything you need to swaddle or feed the baby. On Sundays from 11:00 to 14:00, during the brunch, the animator entertains the children. There is a special children’s menu tailored to children’s preferences and food allergies.

Lido, a chain of fast-food restaurants

Lido is the first local restaurant chain in Latvia where Latvians love to go families. They try to please everyone – both adults and children. The Lido Recreation Complex on Krasta Street became the first family recreation center in Latvia with amusement parks and activities for children, and later this idea was repeated in other restaurants of the chain.

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