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The best pizzerias in the world that you must visit

Pizza is considered to be one of the most popular dishes around the world. It regularly undergoes changes, depending on which region it gets to: in India, pizza “got hold of” pickled ginger and minced lamb, in the Japanese version you will find squid as an ingredient, and in the so-called “Russian pizza” you can always try a combination of mushrooms and salami.

The reputable online travel service Big Seven Travel conducted a survey to find out which pizzerias are most successful when traveling around the world. During the study, about 1.5 million people from those who visit this resource were interviewed. We are ready to share with you interesting results.

1st place – Spacca Napoli Restaurant — Illinois, USA
For over a decade, Spacca Napoli has been making one of the best Neapolitan pizzas in the world. To prepare the dough, the restaurant cooks use finely ground flour and natural yeast. Tomatoes for pizza are selected only from the San Marzano variety, mozzarella di buffalo, which is prepared on the basis of buffalo milk, is used from cheeses. Only extra-class olive oil is used for sprinkling, and juicy basil serves as a decoration. Only the highest quality ingredients get into the restaurant’s pizza – you won’t find such a taste anywhere else in Chicago!

2nd place – L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele – Naples, Italy
It was in the pizzeria L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele that Julia Roberts fell in love with Margarita in the film “Eat, Pray, Love.” Talk to everyone who has been here, read the reviews, and you will see that many people call this the best pizza they ate in their life. Queues at the restaurant are always long, but the atmosphere in anticipation will only make you “whet” your appetite!

Italian restaurant pizzaiolo believe that real pizza can only be obtained in a real oven, where the dough is baked exclusively on a stone surface. It is in such a pizza that gets baked and gets on the table to visitors with an enchanting aroma.

3rd place – Emily— New York, USA
Interestingly, the institution Emily was created by a couple in love. It was with the eating of a favorite dish that their joint love story began in their student years. Matt and Emily decided that they should not only enjoy pizza together, but also delight people around! In New York, they opened two restaurants, where they are now gathering lines in pursuit of crispy and fragrant pizza.
4th place – Starita – Naples, Italy
Starita is a popular pizzeria where you can taste deliciously prepared nutella pizza, parfait and churros. Starita is constantly receiving awards for her incredible pizza. According to visitors’ reviews, the restaurant has reasonable prices and a very pleasant service.

5th place – PIZZANA – Los Angeles, USA
In America, they love pizza. On the Internet, you can find many sites that combine network and individual pizzerias in every city in the United States. PIZZANA Restaurant mixes traditional Italian ingredients with the freshest Californian products from local farmers markets. The result is interesting combinations in a traditional recipe, which attracts many residents and travelers.

If you are not going on a trip yet, but really want to try restaurant-level pizza, we suggest you cook it according to the recipe of the Italian company Mutti!
Pizza Margherita with Mutti Sauce
Ingredients (for 4 servings):

Flour, 1 kg of flour
Fresh yeast, 15 g
Warm water, 500 ml
Olive Oil, 90 g
Salt, 30 g
Sugar, 10 g
Mutti Tomato Sauce for Pizza, 350 g
Mozzarella, 500 g

In a plastic bowl, mix water with oil, salt, yeast and sugar. Enter the flour and mix thoroughly. We divide the dough into five balls and leave them warm for 4 hours. Roll out the dough, spread the Mutti tomato sauce for pizza, do not forget about mozzarella. We send pizza to hot to 180 degrees for 10-15 minutes.

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