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A tasteful journey to Ireland

The concept of the Ballymaloe Literary Festival of Food and Wine is based on the fact that all workshops, round tables and tastings are conducted by writers or journalists. The gastronomic and wine side of the poster was adorned with stars such as Madhur Jaffrey, who, with her books and television programs, created true world fashion for Indian cuisine; Claudia Roden is the author of many bestselling books on Middle Eastern and Spanish cuisine; writer and Michelin-based restaurateur David Thompson – Ambassador of Thai cuisine in the world; American chef David Tanis, writing for the New York Times; the most influential wine expert among women, the author of many remarkable books, Jancis Robinson and many others.

The location was chosen Ballymaloe estate, a suburban complex consisting of a hotel, restaurant, coffee shop, cooking school, shops, livestock farm, gardens, kitchen gardens … This center of the Irish National Gastronomy Idea is located 30 km from the city of Cork and is managed by the fourth generation Allen family (Allen). It is here at the Darina Allen`s Ballymaloe Cookery School that Irish culinary traditions are carefully maintained.

Irish meat
The cuisine of Ireland is simple, but tasty and healthy – it is not for nothing that the country produces some of the most environmentally friendly products in the world. Ireland is famous for its high-quality meat, and, of course, it is it that has been in the center of Irish cuisine for many centuries. First of all, it is beef, but venison and lamb are also good.

Since the 19th century, Ireland has been one of the European innovative leaders in the production of pork, and today, about a third of the 440 Irish commercial pig breeding farms contain more than 1000 sows.

A lot of admirers in Ireland have pork ham from Limerick (Limerick ham) and Irish black pudding stuffed with pearl barley. Boiled bacon and sausage are called Mixed Coddle. Dublin Coddle: stew of bacon, sausages, boiled potatoes, onions and apples – a traditional Saturday dinner for family Irish.

Islanders are famous for their ability to cook stew – stewed lamb brisket. One of the most popular dishes in the country was and remains the Irish stew, in its orthodox version, consisting of a special mutton – hogget (a one-year-old sheep slaughtered in spring or early summer), as well as potatoes, onions, carrots and barley.

Irish fish
Ireland is a paradise for fishing lovers, so the fish here is fresh, seasonal. With 7,500 km of clean coastal coast, Ireland is actively supplying mackerel, herring and blue whiting to our country. Organic smoked salmon and mussels deserve kind words, as I personally saw when I visited Hederman`s Smokery (in Belvelly, not far from Cork), shrimps from the Dublin Bay, cockles, cockles, crab and oysters from Galway (gourmets appreciate Irish oysters very high, and in our country they sometimes pass them off as French).

Of course, there are ubiquitous Fish and Chips in Ireland. Seaweed (seaweed), especially dulse red seaweed, is used as a side dish with potatoes, and dried seaweed is eaten as an appetizer. Seaweed carragheen (Irish moss) serves as a thickener in the manufacture of sauces and desserts, simultaneously combats obesity and is considered a powerful aphrodisiac.

Irish vegetables
Vegetables are an indispensable ingredient in Irish cuisine, mainly potatoes and cabbage. Potatoes are generally considered the main agricultural crop of the country. He was brought to the island in 1584 by the favorite of Londoners, Sir Walter Raleigh, a navigator who sailed three times to Virginia, explorer of Guiana, seducer of Queen Elizabeth and the atheist who ended his life on the block.

But back to the potatoes. Thanks to this product, the population of Ireland, according to local experts, began to grow rapidly. In the southwest of Ireland there is even a Stampy Party potato harvest festival. On this day, it is customary to bake cakes from young potatoes.

The most famous Irish potato dish (however, it’s actually a whole kind of dishes) is called Boxtie – traditional Irish potato pancakes. There are many recipes for this dish in Ireland, but the main ingredients – grated raw potatoes, mashed potatoes, flour, soda and buttermilk are the same throughout the country.

On Halloween, the Irish traditionally prepare kolkannon – mashed potatoes, cabbage (onions), milk and butter, seasoned with black pepper and salt, served with sausage or bacon.

Irish cheese
Dairy products are a matter of national pride and are of course of the highest quality. You can verify the historical significance of milk for the Irish by going to the Cork Butter Museum. English and Dutch merchants delivered Irish oil to both US Virginia and Indian Calcutta.

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