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Additional services in restaurants: joy to guests, profit to owners

The modern restaurant market is developing rapidly. All new formats and institutions appear inviting you to taste the most exquisite dishes. For the professional kitchen, they get the best equipment – Icematic shock freezer cabinets, Rational and TECNOEKA combi ovens, KITCHEN AID mixers, so that the most demanding guest is satisfied. Along with caring for food quality, impeccable style and service, you have to follow the constantly changing trends of HoReCa and immediately bring to life new ideas to meet the needs of your guests.

The gourmet army is becoming more selective and more numerous. A couple of years ago, they had enough rolls and sushi, French cream soups and wines, and today serve a large parking lot, a hookah, a dance floor, a children’s room, and even a billiard room. The most modern equipment for the kitchen, stylish furniture, gourmet dishes and first-class service in the conditions of the current high competition must be supplemented. Restaurateurs are actively introducing various services, since customers should never be denied these “joys of life”. Otherwise, you can lose the lion’s share of income. It is additional services in the restaurant that will help you increase your business profitability.

Additional services in restaurants: more, more profit!

What services flourish in the restaurant world? What to bet on attracting new customers? Let’s look at the top popular offers.

Restaurants and cafes are no longer just places for lunch and dinner. Today they can listen to music, entertain children, watch a movie, cook delicious dishes on their own, and even get to a fashion show or exhibition. Without the expansion of functions, institutions today cannot take the first lines in the ranking of the most relevant.

Multi-format: all under one roof

To delay visitors longer, restaurant owners combine several different formats under one roof at once. The most profitable is the merger of institutions in which customers can get the maximum experience and a large selection. The choice is everything from drinks and dishes to entertainment. So, restaurants and cafes of oriental cuisine offer visitors cozy hookah rooms, and classic restaurants are adjacent to children’s cafes and coffee houses. To equip the latter, complex technical units are not required; coffee machines and mixers for milkshakes are actively used. The idea of ​​merging related projects is as follows: in the morning, guests drop by your breakfast, then spend lunch at a business meeting, and in the evening, a wonderful dinner with a show awaits visitors. Institutions where more than two concepts are presented are chosen more often than standard cafes or restaurants, even with a very tasty and varied menu. However, do not go too far and oversaturate the project. Do not arrange a karaoke club or entertainers in a pub. Playing the violin in the youth bar will be annoying for many, but in the restaurant, on the contrary, it will be out of place.

Educational and educational services

Today, many restaurants hold master classes and even open entire cooking schools. Useful and interesting events, where you can learn how to cook delicious dishes, attract both adults and children. Where else will the chef share his culinary secrets? Professionally creating original dishes for yourself, family and friends is a great incentive to visit just such a restaurant.

Food to go: delivery and culinary department

Restaurants offering delicious food not only in the hall, but also at home (i.e. take with you) take care of their customers. In the culinary department, in addition to the main assortment of dishes, invite guests to purchase unusual sauces and salad dressings, spice mixtures, fresh dough – all prepared according to the recipes of the chefs. Let a person enjoy your meals at home, at work or at a party and do not forget about your favorite restaurant or cafe.

The takeaway food is ubiquitous, but there is an absolutely new “chip” that is gaining momentum. These are kits for picnics, barbecues, breakfasts and even trips. That is, you collect for the client dishes and drinks appropriate to the occasion. He does not spend time choosing items from the menu, he does not wait for a long time to complete an order – but everyone is satisfied.

Cultural program

Restaurants and cafes, both large and chamber, are increasingly attracting customers by organizing concerts, film screenings, broadcasting sporting events, organizing exhibitions of contemporary photographers and artists. Live music is still popular. Musical accompaniment influences the formation of the overall impression of the restaurant. The organization of concerts and music festivals, and at the same time positive emotions and a positive response – that’s what you need to bet on.
Do not forget the little customers: children’s room

Leisure for children – this service is in great demand today. So that guests with children can easily have dinner, relax and spend time with friends, without worrying about their beloved children, it is necessary to open an entertainment room for kids in the restaurant.

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