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the best world restaurant guides

Just as the geographical map has opened new horizons for centuries, allowing you to follow the changes in the outlines of countries and continents, the gastronomic map allows you to follow the evolution in the restaurant world. This process is much faster, but this seems no less exciting. New institutions and names, forms and styles, a mixture of tastes and a return to tradition – yes, a conductor is simply needed here!

And in his role are professional restaurant critics, whose work the online store KlenMarket.ru already wrote. Like the greatest travelers of ancient times, they go on voyages to countries and discover interesting or, on the contrary, very boring places around the world. Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus from gastronomy are modern restaurant publications called guides.

In this article we have collected information about the most respected and authoritative publications, not only acquainting the reader with the peculiarities of world restaurants, but also directly affecting the fate of a project.

History and Principles

For obvious reasons, the most venerable guides come from Europe – the traditions of restaurant culture in its modern sense were laid down here, and it is not surprising that the Old World became the founder of structured restaurant criticism.

As common features inherent in all significant publications, the following can be distinguished:

– Comprehensive assessment of restaurants. When compiling the rating, not only dishes are taken into account, but also the equipment of restaurants, service, interior, atmosphere, and even such specific factors as restaurant dishes.

– Visit incognito. Critics are sent to facility inspections several times a year, according to a secret schedule. So restaurateurs do not have the opportunity to prepare and present themselves in all its glory – you have to be on the alert constantly. A critic who disguises himself as an ordinary visitor reveals his identity only after paying the bill.

– Publications compose both a kind of “road map” with references and descriptions of places worth visiting, as well as their own rating from the best examples of the HoReCa sphere.


Conventionally, it is possible to divide restaurant guides into professional and … Michelin. The fact is that most of the leading European publications that appeared in the second half of the 20th century were created by professional critics and initially had a “rating” purpose.

This is the French guide Gaultmillau, created in 1965 by critics Christian Millau and Henri Gault.

And his compatriot “Pudlo”, whose founder was Gilles Pudlowski, who did not focus on sophisticated gourmets, but on lovers of catering and traditional cuisine. As a “measure of all things”, plates from one to three are used in this guide. A broken plate means a warning: and it’s tasteless, they say, and the design is 20 years old, and rude – pass by.

The Italian Gambero Rosso (Pink Shrimp) also began its journey as an attachment to print media. In their Vini d’Italia wine guide, glasses are also used for grades – also in the amount of three. By the way, the expression “Three glasses”, characterizing the excellent quality of the drink, came from this restaurant guide.

The British The Restaurant Magazine is the youngest of serious publications (2001), has representatives in 22 different regions. Their tasks include tracking the specifics of the restaurant business in the area of ​​responsibility, and compiling a rating of restaurants.

The American Zagat Survey stands out from the general row – this is a triumph of democracy, compiled from visitor reviews. On a scale of 30 points (no imagination!) Evaluated food, interior, service and price. On average, 250 thousand people express their opinion annually.


And, of course, His Majesty Michelin is the most influential restaurant guide with more than a century of history. It is a well-known fact that the brothers Eduard and Andre Michelin, who were engaged in the manufacture and sale of bicycle and car tires, released the first edition in 1900 only as a guide. Where to go, where to relax, what to try – and there was not a hint of the future glory of this guide. However, after 6 years, the Michelin Red Guide became paid (and rather expensive), and by the 1930s it had acquired a three-star rating system, which was promoted by the most outstanding institutions. In a preface, Andre Michelin stated: “This book is coming out at the dawn of the new century and will last until its end.” The successful entrepreneur was mistaken – the guide lived a lot longer and will probably live again.

Michelin is now the arbiter of fate. The principles of this guide remain the same as the others, but the credibility of the publication is not in doubt. Restaurateurs and cooks in America, Europe, Japan, Australia, the United Arab Emirates spend more than one year chasing the star. And for the sake of three Michelin stars – ready for anything.

To obtain them, it is imperative to install modern equipment for bars and restaurants, buy china and hire venerable cooks. But this is not enough. Although the full award criteria…

The best pizzerias in the world that you must visit
Pizza is considered to be one of the most popular dishes around the world. It regularly undergoes changes, depending on which region it gets to: in India, pizza “got hold…


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