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Open kitchen in the restaurant: no secrets from customers

Introduce yourself at the place of your customers. Surely sitting in the hall waiting for an order, they more than once thought about what was happening in the kitchen, how they prepared a dish that would be on their table in a few minutes. Many would like to at least have a peek at the chef and reveal the secret of culinary art. So why not make the guests dream come true and turn the cooking process into a theatrical production? Let the open kitchen of the restaurant become a stage, the seats in the dining room – spectator, and the “gastronomic performances” will be held under the authorship and guidance of the director – the chef.

Catering establishments with an open kitchen are actively opening all over the world. And in Russia, this concept has already become fashionable. In the professional kitchen “behind the glass”, presentations of new dishes and master classes are held. What are the benefits of openness to the restaurateur and how to make such an enterprise successful ?! We are looking for answers.

All in sight

The idea of ​​an open kitchen is equally advantageous for different formats: pizzerias and sushi bars, restaurants with a national bias, fast food and free flow establishments.

With the competent implementation of the open kitchen project, the cooking process is really impressive. The coordinated work of the staff turns into a culinary show in real time, which is interesting to watch. Many guests of the establishment are simply curious how real culinary creations are obtained from quite ordinary products, they watch with enthusiasm how the chefs work. For customers, an open kitchen as a master class, a chance to learn the secrets of cooking and try to repeat what they saw in their own kitchen. At the same time, equipment for your restaurant business should be chosen compact, stylish and reliable in operation.

The big advantage of an open kitchen is that on a subconscious level, guests have all the doubts, because some probably think that the quality of the products is poor and the staff works through their sleeves. And here visitors see everything with their own eyes.

What will be the open kitchen – the question is exclusively individual: depending on the free space and design, you can implement any idea. Choosing equipment for the kitchen in the modern market is not difficult. Models of any performance are presented in a wide assortment. The most popular solution today is the removal to the hall of a small part of the production process and the work behind the glass. In this case, the main hall is separated from the kitchen by panoramic glass. The arrangement of furniture and equipment in the dining room and in the kitchen provides good visibility for guests and comfort in work for chefs.

To equip an open-type kitchen, pizza and bread ovens, a sushi case, a barbecue, frying surfaces, donut and pancake machines, and a grill are chosen. The practice of preparing dishes directly in front of the tables where the guests are sitting is widespread: fondue, flambe, etc.

How to organize an open process: equipment features

To organize the working process in an open kitchen, professional heating, refrigerating, neutral and technological food equipment is required, as well as compliance with special sanitary conditions.

Specialized equipment must meet the following criteria

– Be functional and presentable.

Attractive design in this case is extremely important. The equipment should be aesthetically pleasing – round or oval islands of heating lines, stylish refrigerators, an illuminated rack, installations with glass doors for a better view, shelving racks for the kitchen and much more.

– The most convenient and compact.

The kitchen space is strictly limited, while the chefs have to perform many culinary operations and functions in a small area.

– To be open in accordance with the concept of the institution.

The best demonstration equipment – wok, grill, combi steamer on 6 levels, convection oven with glass doors.

Another important condition for organizing an open kitchen is the installation of hoods and filters. A ventilation system is necessary; odors from the kitchen should not enter the room. Exhaust hoods are installed throughout the ceiling of the cooks working area. “Kitchen in sight” cannot allow steam, fat and soot to enter the hall. Powerful ventilation equipment should be installed above thermal installations.

The arrangement of technology plays a key role. The best way is an island location that is convenient for staff and does not close the view to visitors. The main part of the cooking process – processing and preparation of products – takes place in closed workshops, and in the open kitchen, pre-cooking and serving of dishes is carried out. To effectively use the area of ​​the room, it is necessary to establish industrial kitchen tables. Thermal equipment can be placed on them, while all the products will be always at hand with the chef. An excellent solution will be modular equipment, built in one line. For storage of dishes and equipment fit small cabinets and racks.

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