The best cafes and restaurants

Teahouse: revival of tea traditions
In the mysterious countries of the East, where centuries-old traditions are carefully preserved and honored, the use of alcohol is strictly prohibited. Here you quench your thirst with fragrant green…

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What to try in Cyprus
In Cyprus they like to eat well and eat a lot. They say that a typical resident of the sunny island sits at the dinner table as the last time.…

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Where to eat in Karlovy Vary
Karlovy Vary is a great place to relax, which will become even more pleasant if you take this opportunity and pay tribute to the signature recipes of Czech cuisine. In…

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Encyclopedia of Deception

This phrase includes various types of tricks of guests of public catering enterprises, which they use in order to get a discount on their account or not pay at all. The most common and fairly straightforward type of fraud is to leave without paying the bill. Next are the ways to get discounts by putting foreign objects in a dish or drink (hair, insects, pieces of glass, small stones and other “unexpected”).

Even guests are trying not to pay the bill during various extraordinary situations, for example, an unexpected rainfall on the summer ground. As a result, almost all guests move under a canopy or indoors, and some of them, taking advantage of the bustle, leave the institution. This also includes the situation when the institution turns off the electricity, in the dark it is much easier to leave. Also, guests leave the catering facilities during a fight or other state of emergency, while the employees of a cafe, restaurant or club are busy eliminating an unusual situation and cannot keep all guests in sight. But there are also stupid, in my opinion, situations when Continue reading

the best world restaurant guides

Just as the geographical map has opened new horizons for centuries, allowing you to follow the changes in the outlines of countries and continents, the gastronomic map allows you to follow the evolution in the restaurant world. This process is much faster, but this seems no less exciting. New institutions and names, forms and styles, a mixture of tastes and a return to tradition – yes, a conductor is simply needed here!

And in his role are professional restaurant critics, whose work the online store already wrote. Like the greatest travelers of ancient times, they go on voyages to countries and discover interesting or, on the contrary, very boring places around the world. Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus from gastronomy are Continue reading

Open kitchen in the restaurant: no secrets from customers

Introduce yourself at the place of your customers. Surely sitting in the hall waiting for an order, they more than once thought about what was happening in the kitchen, how they prepared a dish that would be on their table in a few minutes. Many would like to at least have a peek at the chef and reveal the secret of culinary art. So why not make the guests dream come true and turn the cooking process into a theatrical production? Let the open kitchen of the restaurant become a stage, the seats in the dining room – spectator, and the “gastronomic performances” will be held under the authorship and guidance of the director – the chef.

Catering establishments with an open kitchen are actively opening all over the world. And in Russia, this Continue reading

Not a female affair?

The most famous chefs are men. It is difficult to argue with this fact. They conquer world cuisines since ancient times, when in ancient Rome and Greece they prepared dishes for emperors and organized lush banquets. For many centuries, it was men who headed the royal cuisines in all European countries and were in no hurry to share their territory (who would have thought) with a woman. Only in the middle of the twentieth century the list of distinguished cooks was replenished with the names of the beautiful half of humanity.

What about today? And today, women – residents of England, Italy, France – head the kitchens of legendary restaurants, publish cookbooks, become heroines of gastronomic television projects and open pizzerias, cafes, Continue reading

Welcome to the family – business clans in HoReCa

Food – as a symbol – has always been associated with family, life, and hearth. Since people acquired their first social connections, and at the same time learned to fry meat at the stake, eating in the family circle has become a tradition. Gradually, especially talented and enterprising owners of home kitchens began to invite strangers to their house and sell them dishes, organizing lunches or dinners. Over time, separate halls were determined for receiving guests, and then buildings. Cooking skills were passed down from father to son, and family establishments were very popular.

Famous worldwide restaurant family brands started small. Sometimes, to keep things afloat, I had to give the Continue reading

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