Additional services in restaurants: joy to guests, profit to owners
The modern restaurant market is developing rapidly. All new formats and institutions appear inviting you to taste the most exquisite dishes. For the professional kitchen, they get the best equipment…

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Top 7 favorite children's dishes
Chicken cutlet with mashed potatoes Undoubtedly, in the first place is a chicken cutlet with mashed potatoes. This dish at the same time combines the beneficial properties and taste of…

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The history of vodka, and where to drink it in Moscow restaurants
January 31 in the gastronomic calendar is unofficially appointed the birthday of vodka. The choice of this date is supported by the fact that on this day in 1865, Dmitry…

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the opportunity

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Where to eat cheap in Vienna

Austria is famous for its culinary traditions and national cuisine. Therefore, no matter how much time you spend in Vienna – a few hours or days – be sure to try the legendary local dishes: Viennese schnitzel and tafelspitz, potato salad and Frittatenzuppe, apple strudel, Kaiserschmarrn and Sacher cake.
Although there is an opinion that prices in cafes and restaurants “bite” in Vienna, this is only partially true. As in any world capital, there are a variety of catering establishments: from small “sausage stands” and eateries to chic restaurants. Of particular interest are cafes where every tourist can eat cheap and tasty food in Vienna. This short review is dedicated to them.
Bitzinger Würstelstand Albertina If you are looking for cheap food in the center of Vienna and are not averse to tasting the famous local sausages, do not pass by Bitzinger Würstelstand Albertina. This Continue reading

Guest Guide: Tel Aviv

10 places not to be missed in Tel Aviv:
port of jaffa

According to ancient Greek myth, Perseus liberated Andromeda here, and in the Old Testament, Noah built the ark in this port. Myths and legends left narrow stone streets, low houses, as if stuck to each other and the eternal, all-memorable sea. Today, Jaffa is a large open-air museum, which includes galleries and churches, beautiful cafes and shops, museums and monuments. It is here that the Wish Bridge is decorated with zodiac signs (did you know that the signs correspond to the months of the Gregorian and Jewish calendar?) And the labyrinth inhabited by Taurus, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Deva and Continue reading

the restaurant

Zurich, without attracting attention from a gastronomic point of view, will give odds to many European cities. The main message that restaurateurs and chefs broadcast is the use of local products. And this is not a myth! A blue-eyed potato of violet color and a curved shape carrot is not a flaw, but biological products that European farmers and restaurateurs are proud of.
If you have the time and money, then for the New Year’s trip, add Zurich to your itinerary. And we will tell you the addresses where the locals go. You definitely will not be disappointed!

Note. Keep in mind that restaurants in Zurich work specifically. There is a break in the schedule between daytime and evening service.
A stylish restaurant that specializes in French and Mediterranean dishes and seasonal game. Dishes are like a Continue reading

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The 10 best restaurants in Munich
The culinary life of the Bavarian capital arouses fundamental disagreements among gourmets. Some argue that Munich is a gastronomic desert that offers exclusively pork shank, fried sausages, sauerkraut and German…


Asian trend: why do we like sweets and spicy so much?
The trend in Asian cuisine has been holding for more than one year, but in 2018 it reached its peak. The share of the restaurant market with a Pan-Asian concept,…


The best children's cafes in St. Petersburg
For children, every trip to the cafe is a special event. Even if we are talking about an ordinary family lunch or dinner, reinforcements during a long walk. What can…


A tasteful journey to Ireland
The concept of the Ballymaloe Literary Festival of Food and Wine is based on the fact that all workshops, round tables and tastings are conducted by writers or journalists. The…