The best cafes and restaurants

Teahouse: revival of tea traditions
In the mysterious countries of the East, where centuries-old traditions are carefully preserved and honored, the use of alcohol is strictly prohibited. Here you quench your thirst with fragrant green…

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The whole truth about digestives: experts say
Digestif contributes to the speedy digestion of food, for this reason it is recommended to use it at the end of a meal. Once, in the summer of 2018, I…

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The best children's cafes in St. Petersburg
For children, every trip to the cafe is a special event. Even if we are talking about an ordinary family lunch or dinner, reinforcements during a long walk. What can…

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The best children’s cafes in St. Petersburg

For children, every trip to the cafe is a special event. Even if we are talking about an ordinary family lunch or dinner, reinforcements during a long walk. What can we say about such solemn occasions as birthdays! We have compiled a list of the most interesting, original and beloved by visitors of children’s cafes in St. Petersburg, which will help you navigate the variety of establishments and choose the best.
Fairy-tale cafe “Cinderella” The name is fully consistent with the content. As soon as they cross the threshold, guests of the children’s cafe fall into the world of fairy tales and magic. Here little princes and princesses will find a real castle filled with mysterious curved mirrors, a huge game room with all kinds of entertainments, including a real slide, and much more. Especially for birthdays in the cafe, original programs are developed and thought out to the smallest detail. Any of them is available on a turnkey Continue reading

Where to eat in Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary is a great place to relax, which will become even more pleasant if you take this opportunity and pay tribute to the signature recipes of Czech cuisine. In the famous European resort there are also inexpensive bistros to have a snack during a walk without stopping, and beautiful cozy restaurants where you can celebrate a memorable event and just spend a memorable evening. You can find 10 such places in this review.

Bistro Slunicko Near the Jan Becher Museum there is a small bistro with simple home furnishings and a quiet terrace in the courtyard. Food prices in this cafe in Karlovy Vary are among the most affordable: everything costs between 15 and 90 Kč (per 100 g): soup, stewed pork with dumplings, pasta, schnitzel, meatloaf, boiled or baked potatoes. For those who prefer to refrain from eating meat, there is a small Continue reading

10 best restaurants in Prague

A trip to Prague will certainly be remembered for incredibly tasty and satisfying food, aromatic beer and, of course, restaurants, where they never skimp on refreshments. ₽
The capital of the Czech Republic welcomes numerous tourists fully equipped, cordially opening the doors of the most famous institutions with traditional national cuisine. Not to be lost among the abundance will help TOP-10 of the best restaurants in Prague in the city center.

La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise This is the first restaurant with a tasting menu, which opened in Prague in 2006. Chef Oldřich Sagaidak is an ardent supporter and promoter of Czech cuisine. He cooks according to traditional recipes of the 19th century, successfully adapting them to modern products. In Continue reading

The 10 best restaurants in Lisbon

Lisbon is an ancient abode of rich Portuguese cuisine with its own special traditions and culinary recipes, which is famous for its abundance of fish and seafood dishes. Where, if not in restaurants, to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the gastronomic culture of the capital of Portugal? We present the TOP-10 of the best restaurants in Lisbon, each of which has its own exceptional zest that distinguishes it from hundreds of others.

Restaurante Eleven Restaurant is located in downtown Lisbon, surrounded by the lush vegetation of Eduardo VII Park. Huge panoramic windows offer beautiful views of the city and the Tagus River. It is especially nice to dine at a table by the window when Lisbon is spectacularly flooded with evening lights. Continue reading

What to try in Cyprus

In Cyprus they like to eat well and eat a lot. They say that a typical resident of the sunny island sits at the dinner table as the last time. And it’s not surprising, because the abundant and amazingly delicious Cypriot national dishes have collected all the best that the world presented Greek, Turkish, Middle Eastern and Italian cuisines. Halloumi (Χαλλούμι) Halloumi is the first thing to try in Cyprus from food, because dense and brackish cheese has been cooked on the island since Byzantine times. Today, the famous dairy product is the national gastronomic pride, which in 2013 won the silver medal at the World Cheese Awards.
The local restaurants serve cheese with vegetables and watermelon, as well as grilled or frying pans. You can buy the culinary heritage of Cyprus at any supermarket in the country. The price depends on the Continue reading

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